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RouteAuthorTypeDist ⇵Elev ⇵Rating ⇵DownloadrtgnumRatingnumKMnumMInumMnumFT
Alamo Sea Nestor MatasGravel, Road9.60km68.0m3.00009.605.9768.0223.1
Central 8 Matthias UrechRoad11.10km54.0m3.000011.106.9054.0177.2
Davis Quartz Matthias UrechGravel3.80km64.0m3.50003.802.3664.0210.0
Docklands Matthias UrechRoad17.10km66.0m3.000017.1010.6366.0216.5
Downtown Matthias UrechRoad14.40km110.0m3.500014.408.90110.0361.0
East Los Santos Matthias UrechRoad8.60km113.0m3.00008.605.34113.0370.7
El Burro Heights Matthias UrechGravel4.50km118.0m3.00004.502.80118.0387.1
Foothills SK YeattsRoad26.00km266.0m3.500026.0016.16266.0872.7
Franklin's Radio Tower Kom Robin MitchellRoad22.80km400.0m3.000022.8014.17400.01312.3
Full Circle SK YeattsRoad48.70km240.0m2.500048.7030.26240.0787.4
Going Underground Steven GilbertGravel, Road11.80km62.0m3.000011.807.3062.0203.0
Grapeseed Matthias UrechGravel4.10km65.0m3.00004.102.5565.0213.3
Gravelfondo Matthias UrechGravel24.00km227.0m3.500024.0014.91227.0744.8
Great Chaparral Matthias UrechGravel9.80km284.0m3.50009.806.09284.0931.8
Hills and Valleys 8 Steven GilbertRoad11.20km190.0m3.000011.206.96190.0623.4
Hilly 8 Cassio DaviRoad13.80km280.0m3.000013.808.60280.0917.0
Land Act Dam Loop Richard SlaughterGravel, Road5.10km88.0m2.50005.103.1788.0288.7
Los Santos Field Trip SK YeattsGravel, Road72.10km435.0m3.500072.1044.80435.01427.0
Los Santos Hills Nestor MatasRoad13.70km193.0m3.500013.708.51193.0633.2
Los Santos Road Rally SK YeattsGravel, Road49.10km468.0m3.500049.1030.51468.01535.4
Marlowe Vineyards Matthias UrechTrail3.90km80.0m3.00003.902.4280.0262.5
Motorway Mayhem Steven GilbertRoad17.90km155.0m3.000017.9011.10155.0509.0
Motown - Less Country SK YeattsRoad19.30km140.0m3.500019.3011.99140.0459.3
Mount Chilliad Matthias UrechTrail9.90km175.0m3.00009.906.15175.0574.1
Mount Josiah Cassio DaviGravel8.70km89.0m3.50008.705.4189.0292.0
Mount Josiah & Alamo Sea Cassio DaviGravel, Road16.70km141.0m3.500016.7010.38141.0462.6
Palomino Highlands András BeckRoad4.50km76.0m3.00004.502.8076.0249.3
Ports Oil Slick & Golf Stick Steven GilbertRoad19.70km175.0m3.000019.7012.24175.0574.1
Redwood Lights Matthias UrechGravel2.00km33.0m3.00002.001.2433.0108.3
Richman Golf Matthias UrechGravel1.30km16.0m3.00001.300.8116.052.5
Route 68 Matthias UrechRoad7.50km45.0m3.00007.504.6645.0147.6
Senora Desert Matthias UrechGravel8.20km57.0m3.00008.205.1057.0187.0
Suburb Crit András BeckRoad1.40km6.0m3.00001.400.876.019.7
The Tourist Richard SlaughterRoad16.00km325.0m3.500016.009.94325.01066.3
Tour Los Santos Nestor MatasRoad29.70km257.0m3.000029.7018.45257.0843.2
Tracks, Terminals & Tarmac SK YeattsRoad33.10km172.0m3.500033.1020.60172.0564.0
Vinewood Heights Richard SlaughterRoad7.80km197.0m4.00007.804.85197.0646.3
Vinewood Racetrack Madan MohanGravel1.00km0.0m3.00001.000.620.00.0
West Coast Matthias UrechGravel12.10km183.0m3.500012.107.52183.0600.4
Windy Hills Matthias UrechGravel9.60km161.0m3.50009.605.97161.0528.2

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